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1. Field of Activity

1.1. The web page (hereinafter called "website") is property of the association "V. I.T.A -A.T.I.V." (hereinafter called "Association" ). The Association is based in 1080-Vienna, Josefstädter Strasse 60 and is registered with ZVR-number 383000286

1.2. The Association makes the website available on the basis of the present Terms. The Association can abrogate or modify these Terms or replace them by other Terms.

2. Performance

2.1 The Association reserves the right to shut down the functions of the website at any time completely or partially. Due to the specific characteristics of the Internet and of computer systems, the Association does not assume any responsibility for the availability of the website.

3. User rights regarding information, software products and documentation:

3.1.The use of information and documentation of the website is subject to the present Terms of Use

3.2. Total or partial reproduction or replay of any information, text, images, and/or documentation is expressively prohibited if covered by copyright law or by other intellectual property laws.

4. Copyright

4.1 Regardless of the Terms mentioned under point 3, any information, trademark and other content of the website cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, sold, used, rented out, integrated or used in any other manner without prior written consent of the Association.

5. User´s Responsibilities

While using the website, the user is liable to avoid any violation of intellectual property rights or of any other proprietary rights, to avoid loading of virus-infected content, of Trojans or of other programs that could damage data. He is furthermore liable to avoid unauthorized sending, saving or loading of hyperlinks or other content, in particular in cases where these could violate an obligation of confidentiality or are illegal.

6. Hyperlinks

As an additional service, there may be hyperlinks on the website that lead to other websites. The Association is in no way responsible for the content of the pages that the user is visiting by following these hyperlinks. A connection to any other website, through a hyperlink, is in no way to be understood as if the Association agrees with the content of these websites or as if the Association is responsible for the use of these websites. Mainly, the Association is not responsible for the guidelines regarding the management of personal data on these websites. The use of such websites is therefore exclusive responsibility of the user.

7. Responsibility for incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information

7.1 The information on the website is to be understood exclusively as generic information. Depending on circumstances, this information could be incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete. The Association reserves the right to change contents of the website at any time without prior notice. The Association does not assume any responsibility for information that might, depending on circumstances, be incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, neither for (direct or indirect) damage resulting from the use or from the inability to use the information supplied on the website.

7.2 Members, who are publishing information on the dashboard of the website shall be solely responsible for the content of these publications – mainly but not limited to false, incomplete or inaccurate information and for information that can potentially (directly and indirectly) be harmful information for the user. The Association assumes no responsibility for the above circumstances or for (direct or indirect) damages resulting from the use of this information and/or content.

8. Other responsibilities, Virus:

8.1 The Association´s responsibility for incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information is regulated under point 7 of the present Terms of Use. Any other responsibility – except intentional acts or gross negligence - is excluded.

8.2 In spite of all efforts to keep the website virus free, the Association cannot guarantee that the website is and remains free of viruses. Therefore, the user has to adopt all safety precautions; he has to use an appropriate anti-virus software to ensure that no viruses will be loaded on the website.

9. Privacy

9.1 The Association is committed to the protection of personal identification data of the users of the site according to the laws regarding the protection of personal data. The Association is furthermore committed to follow the rules of data protection on the website (see Privacy Policy regarding the Use of the website of the Association "V. I.T.A -A. T. I. V. ")

10. Additional agreements, current legislation, place of jurisdiction:

10.1 Any additional agreement is valid only if made out in writing.

10.2 The present Terms of Use are subject to Austrian law. Place of jurisdiction for any disputes is Vienna.