Terms of use


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1) Members can use their account according to the present Terms of Use. The Association can amend, correct or complete the Terms of Use.

2) Members are entitled to publish on the website www.vita-ativ.org content and information of which they are owners and which is conformable to law. Content and information of third parties may be published upon verifiable authorization. In case of violation, the Association will remove such content or information from the website www.vita-ativ.org .

3) Members are responsible regarding civil and penal law for the content and information that they publish on the website www.vita-ativ.org , especially as far as a violation of the protection of personal data and of copyright are concerned.

4) Members are aware of the fact that publishing information and content may allow third parties (even if they are not members) to use this information and data (as long as this is conformable to law) and to link them to his nickname.

5) Members take note of the fact that while publishing information and/or content a maximum length of publication time has to be indicated. At the end of this time, information and content will be deleted automatically.

6) Should a member resign from the Association, his account will be cancelled.